Data Security Information


Data security is our highest priority!  To that end, K-Scope exists in a highly secure environment with limited access and encrypted connection to the property. The platform is, periodically, subjected to and passes penetration tests. Our data security team stays on top of any potential security vulnerabilities and frequently updates all systems. Our security team can discuss all the specific measures we take to protect your data.

As legend has it, Harrah’s (the trail blazer of database marketing) recognized their network of data as one of the company’s most valuable assets. How safe is your data when sensitive player information is being passed through social media platforms and printing companies?

K-Scope is a SAAS platform offered with Monthly, Quarterly and Annual plans. There is a one-time set up fee for installation.

K-Scope is a flexible and powerful platform. Many of the features that exist in the platform were created because of suggestions from clients.


  • We do not charge for version upgrades.
  • Our support team responds within 24 hours, but in most cases can help you with issues immediately.
  • Because K-Scope is a live platform, demonstrations are best presented in online meeting format using live, but masked data.